Careful what you wish for. I mean, it’s gotta be done, but if a Republican majority were to take over the House, and they really upheld their Constitutional duties, there’s only ONE possible outcome. If a Constitutional Congress meets an anti-constitutional presidency, there WILL be a government shutdown. It’s inevitable. And someone that just read that said “GOOD!”

I say, “not so much.” If you’re obama, that HAS to be part of the equation. Take an ailing economy and crush it under debt; take over just a few industries, control the rest through fear; take control of finance through “sweeping reform legislation.” Shut down energy production through “cap and trade.” “No wait, we’ll just use the oil spill as an excuse.”

And then, you set up the final blow, the Constitutional Crisis. Government shutdown. No checks going out. No essential services. Riots in the streets. Anarchy. Death. Destruction. Mayhem. Just the way obama likes it. He’s telegraphing his punch. This is how you break America. Take control of industry, finance and energy. Then force the Republican’s hand (if they win Congress) on the budget, or whatever, to force the government to shut down. Explode the system. Fear in the streets. Lawsuits. Courts overloaded. 24/7 “news” (propaganda) cycle. And then we remember we’re no longer in direct control of our industries, finances, energy. They turned a disaster in the Gulf into a catastrophe on the coast. More anarchy. Wild markets. Fluctuations. More propaganda. $8.00/gallon gas? “No heating oil for the ‘poor’ through your friendly government program, because Republicans have shut down the government.” Can’t you just hear Alan Grayson on that one? (completely rhetorical since we’re throwing Grayson out)

But you get the point. We’re all up for a showdown. Let’s just not play into their hands.


I don’t need to support a politician for any office to recognize when one has a good idea. And no matter what you or I might think of Newt Gingrich, he is a man with some good ideas. Same as the old idea? Maybe, but what works once may be the best bet to work in the present.

Taken from:

Contract Renewal

By William Tucker on 2.17.10 @ 6:09AM

Here are Newt’s suggestions for a 2010 Contract With America:

1) Jobs, jobs, jobs. Gingrich recommends a 50 percent reduction in payroll taxes, a 100 percent write-off for small business investment in tools and technology, zero capital gains, and lowering the corporate tax to 12.5 percent. Obviously, we are talking about private sector job creation.

2) Balance the budget. From 1994 to 1998, federal spending growth was held to 2.9 percent annually, the smallest increases since Calvin Coolidge. The result was four years of surpluses and a $405 billion reduction in the national debt. Much would now accomplished by devolving power to the states under the 10th Amendment.

3) An American Energy Plan. Drill here, drill now. Build nuclear reactors. Rein in the Environmental Protection Agency’s “bureaucratic dictatorship on energy production.”

4) Congressional Appropriation Reform. Eliminate earmarks, post bills 72 hours before voting, reverse the Republican spending habits that undermined fiscal discipline during the Bush Administration.

5) Litigation Reform. The states have found the quickest and cleanest road to tort reform is to cap open-ended “non-economic damages.” Compensating hospital costs and lost wages is fine, but open-ended awards for pain-and-suffering or punitive damages are limited only by jurors’ imagination. With these few limitations, we can have lawsuits without throwing whole industries out of balance.

6) Real Health Reform. Allow the sale of health insurance across state lines, extend the tax benefits given to employees of large corporations to everyone, promote Health Savings Accounts — all the things that Republicans perennially propose and Democrats dutifully dismiss.

7) Every Child Gets Ahead. The best and only way to improve education is to promote and facilitate vouchers, grants, and charter schools. If the public school system ever comes around, it will be in response to this competition.

8. Protect Religious Liberty. Defend the religious majority from a “shockingly and increasingly anti-religious elite” and “block every effort to coerce religious people on abortion, marriage and other issues of conscience and drive God out of public life.”

9) Protect Americans, Not the Rights of Terrorists. Let’s put an end to the nonsense about treating invading terrorists as domestic criminals and see them for what they are — enemy combatants.

10) Defend America. “Rebuild our capital investment in the powerful defensive force in the world.” If done properly, this can be reconciled with balancing the budget.

Obama’s Boss’s Agenda in Peril
By Joy Tiz | Published: January 21, 2010

Joy Tiz


These are dark days for Obama’s boss, unrepentant Nazicollaborator, George Soros. First the American people emphatically reject his socialized medicine project. Socializing the American health care system is one of the upper planks on the Soros manifesto.

The same George Soros who told Steve Croft on 60 Minutes in 1992 that he had no remorse for his role in sending Jews to death camps now presents himself as the very soul of beneficence as he crusadesto exterminate terminally ill patients. “This brings me to that hotly debated subject, physician assisted suicide and euthanasia.” The compassionate Nazi collaborator wants us to believe that his interest in caring for the dying was sparked by the death of his own father. Soros was irked at his father’s obstinate refusal to just die already: “…unfortunately [he ]wanted to live… I was kind of disappointed in him … I wrote him off.” Soros’ depraved attitude toward his father’s will to live was not the only catalyst for his Death Project.

Right after the people of Massachusetts finally broke the dynastic liberal choke hold on the Bay State, House Speaker, Nancy Pelosi (D-Pluto) announced that she lacks the votes to force the health crimes bill through the House.

Soros’ depraved attitude toward his father’s will to live was not the only catalyst for his Death Project. It was also stoked by the abject failure of Hillarycare; another odious and ill conceived program that was fortunately derailed as soon as the public found out what it was. Soros, determined not to let that happen again, set about bankrolling the inglorious McCain-Feingold bill, a campaign finance “reform” law that nobody but Soros wanted. Using phony research polls, Soros was able to sell the hoax that the American people were desperate for campaign finance reform. The creation of 527 organizations essentially allowed George Soros to purchase the Democrat Party, albeit somewhat stealthily. David Horowitz and Richard Poe correctly refer to Soros as head of the Shadow Party, a party within the Democrat Party. The Shadow Party is now unmistakably ruling the country.

Imagine how irked Soros must be; first his dreams of death panels implode. And as if driven by some inscrutable Constitutional mandate, the Supreme Court, in a bolt from the blue, suddenly decide to reaffirm the First Amendment. The Court struck down limits on corporate political spending. While Soros is no doubt braying like a jackass; normal Americans are wondering: what took so long?

The dreadful McCain/Feingold bill, another George Soros contrivance, was unconstitutional from the jump. Great news for John McCain, who allowed himself to be manipulated by Soros to stifle free speech:

“The decision voids a key provision of the signature legislative achievement of Sen. John McCain, the 2008 Republican presidential nominee who worked with Democratic Sen. Russ Feingold of Wisconsin to draft the Bipartisan Campaign Reform Act of 2002 that informally carries their names.”

We don’t need the roll call on this one. The smart judges voted in favor of free speech, the stupid ones didn’t. The real issue isn’t whether McCain/Soros is unconstitutional; the question is what took these people so long?

Our Founding Fathers made free speech the very first amendment to our Constitution, suggesting that they considered it paramount. Historically, the courts have held that political speech deserves the greatest First Amendment protection.

Liberals want to apply free speech to obscene art displays; a penumbra never contemplated by our Founders. Allowing people to speak the truth is always a problem for liberals. Their idol, Karl Marx fashioned a way to suppress free speech that has been co-opted by the American left: political correctness. Make a federal case (literally) out of any spoken words that could potentially displease any liberal-approved “victim” ; thus controlling the debate.

Anything that perturbs George Soros is good for America.

by: JohnK144

A lot of people will be using the “three strikes” analogy in politics today. After all, the party in power in Washington has now lost the last big three elections; Virginia, New Jersey, and now Massachusetts. It’s an apt use of the analogy, but I take a slightly different twist on the tome.

When you hear (and you will) that the “progressive” left in power have three strikes against them, the perspective will be from that of the “batter.” “You’re up to bat, three strikes, and you’re out.” Where I diverge from this thought is I’m not as interested in the batter’s perspective. I’m interested in the pitcher’s game.

We are the pitcher. We’re pitching a great game. But just because we’ve thrown a few strike pitches, doesn’t mean we’re done. Not by a long shot. We have an entire game to play. In the very near future there will be many new batters walking up to the plate. We must keep our focus on every pitch, inning after inning, until we’ve won the game. And if we consider November, 2010 as the “game,” we must remember to keep our mind on the rest of the season. There are more games to be played after November.

We the people have pitched a great game so far, but let’s not forget that there are many more innings to be played, more batters to strike out, and many more games to win before we declare this a “winning season.”

If we are to develop a new vision for a better future, it’s important to see where we are going wrong now. Ugly and divisive attitudes hurt us all, and here is one example of the worst of our time:

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