Careful what you wish for. I mean, it’s gotta be done, but if a Republican majority were to take over the House, and they really upheld their Constitutional duties, there’s only ONE possible outcome. If a Constitutional Congress meets an anti-constitutional presidency, there WILL be a government shutdown. It’s inevitable. And someone that just read that said “GOOD!”

I say, “not so much.” If you’re obama, that HAS to be part of the equation. Take an ailing economy and crush it under debt; take over just a few industries, control the rest through fear; take control of finance through “sweeping reform legislation.” Shut down energy production through “cap and trade.” “No wait, we’ll just use the oil spill as an excuse.”

And then, you set up the final blow, the Constitutional Crisis. Government shutdown. No checks going out. No essential services. Riots in the streets. Anarchy. Death. Destruction. Mayhem. Just the way obama likes it. He’s telegraphing his punch. This is how you break America. Take control of industry, finance and energy. Then force the Republican’s hand (if they win Congress) on the budget, or whatever, to force the government to shut down. Explode the system. Fear in the streets. Lawsuits. Courts overloaded. 24/7 “news” (propaganda) cycle. And then we remember we’re no longer in direct control of our industries, finances, energy. They turned a disaster in the Gulf into a catastrophe on the coast. More anarchy. Wild markets. Fluctuations. More propaganda. $8.00/gallon gas? “No heating oil for the ‘poor’ through your friendly government program, because Republicans have shut down the government.” Can’t you just hear Alan Grayson on that one? (completely rhetorical since we’re throwing Grayson out)

But you get the point. We’re all up for a showdown. Let’s just not play into their hands.