by: JohnK144

A lot of people will be using the “three strikes” analogy in politics today. After all, the party in power in Washington has now lost the last big three elections; Virginia, New Jersey, and now Massachusetts. It’s an apt use of the analogy, but I take a slightly different twist on the tome.

When you hear (and you will) that the “progressive” left in power have three strikes against them, the perspective will be from that of the “batter.” “You’re up to bat, three strikes, and you’re out.” Where I diverge from this thought is I’m not as interested in the batter’s perspective. I’m interested in the pitcher’s game.

We are the pitcher. We’re pitching a great game. But just because we’ve thrown a few strike pitches, doesn’t mean we’re done. Not by a long shot. We have an entire game to play. In the very near future there will be many new batters walking up to the plate. We must keep our focus on every pitch, inning after inning, until we’ve won the game. And if we consider November, 2010 as the “game,” we must remember to keep our mind on the rest of the season. There are more games to be played after November.

We the people have pitched a great game so far, but let’s not forget that there are many more innings to be played, more batters to strike out, and many more games to win before we declare this a “winning season.”